> Historiography Tracer: Lab One



Historiography Tracer: Lab 01, Oostende, Belgium, Sept. 23-25, 2005

Imagine if a digital image could carry the memory of its history, such as, the traces of its original source, how it has been manipulated, and where it has been embedded. This formed the starting point for “Historiography Tracer” a three-day lab hosted by Cargo in collaboration with De Geuzen. The lab aimed to bring together different kinds of experts, ranging from artists, programmers, designers and theorists to speculate about potential software that could map the journey of an online media image.

Nadia Palliser, Todd Matsumoto, Tsilla Hassine, Nanette Hoogslag, Dirk Janssen, Myrthe Veeneman, Marjolein Vermeulen, Liesbeth Levy, Marieke Rodenburg, Margit Tamás and De Geuzen (Renee Turner, Riek Sijbring and Femke Snelting)

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